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Featuring Throttle Bodies for:

• Magnum Engines •
• Vipers •
• 4.0 Jeeps •
• 4.7 OHC V8 •
• LS2 V8 cable drive •
• Flat head V8 TBI •
• Gen 3 Hemi •

Performance Fuel Injection Intake Assemblies, Accessories and FAST based conversion kits

Available Now!
• Call (858) 324-1770 for details!

LA, B, RB and Magnum Multi Port Injection 6 barrel intake systems from 900 to 2300CFM! Systems available for all makes!
Experience modern performance and classic looks! The best of both worlds!
Call us for pricing and delivery for your system! Prices start at $4600.00 for FAST EZ based conversion kits!

440 6-pack

72mm and 70mm
2003 4.7 throttlebodies are now available!
Make the rest of those modifications come alive on your 2003 and up 4.7 V8!

2x58mm Throttle Body for stroked 5.9L engines
See the Products page for more information.

High-flow Billet Throttle Bodies for Chrysler Vehicles
Using state-of-the-art design & manufacturing F&B Performance Engineered Products has produced a complete line of billet machined throttle bodies for the full range of Mopar-powered rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Our 4.0 Jeep throttle bodys (62 and 68mm) for 2004 to 2008 applications are our latest offering

All F&B designs are dyno and racetrack proven.
Whether you are driving a stock vehicle or a fully modified, supercharged, nitrous spraying, stroked small block, we have the throttle body to meet your needs.

Our 3D design capability combined with a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of each throttle body design gives our products the edge! CFD analysis allows us to confirm and test our designs before we send the files to our dedicated CNC machine shop. We can iterate the design until we get maximum flow for any given butterfly plate size. CFD tells us what the throttle body design will flow before we get it on the flow bench!

Surf around our website and check out our products.

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