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Who we are: F&B Performance Engineered Products started out in 1999 porting stock throttle bodies for 5.2 and 5.9-liter Chrysler fuel injected V8 motors. Performance gains were good with the ported stock throttle bodies, but the full race motors some of our customers were building required more air flow than a ported stock throttle body could provide. We decided to set out to design and build the world's best billet throttle bodies for rear-wheel-drive Chryco products.

F&B started from a blank sheet (or billet) with the factory mounting locations and cable position of the stock Magnum throttle body as our guide. The 2bbl throttle body design you see on this website was the result. Everything you see except for the hardware is made by F&B Performance in California, USA. F&B Performance Engineered Products all begin life under the spindle of a CnC Mill. F&B's engineering staff, led by Bruce K Bridges, then set out to create high flow fuel injection designs for other rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Designs for 4.7-liter trucks, 4.0-liter Jeeps, and 1992-2002 V10 Vipers followed, with F&B taking the most radical approach possible to maximize airflow and inlet velocity while at the same time requiring minimal effort to install. Our designs have much larger inlet areas than stock throttle bodies, tapered flow paths for maximum ram effect, and factory air intake system compatibility (although we don’t recommend using the stock configured air inlet system for most applications). Our latest offering, brings multi port fuel injection to classic 6 barrel intake performance with the F&B EFI 6 barrel intake system for RB,B,LA G2 and G3 Hemis as well as other makes and using our proven throttle body designs to create a best of both worlds intake solution! F&B can now offer complete conversion kits to help get your MPI six barrel intake on the road.

Check out the designs and performance data and some of the radical customer rides that F&B's customers have put together. If you've got questions, please call (858)324-1770 or e-mail us!


F&B Performance Engineered Products :: www.fbthrottlebodies.com

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